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Новая студия Microsoft – The Initiative опубликовала первое видео

Новая студия Microsoft - The Initiative опубликовала первое видео: с сайта NEWXBOXONE.RU

This summer, Microsoft announced the creation of a new studio from scratch, which was included in the publisher of Xbox Game Studios, and this is The Initiative. Over the past few months, it has become known that dozens of well-known developers have joined the new team, which is now working on an unannounced project.

Today the first video has appeared on The Initiative’s Youtube channel. It represents the development team, showing which games they created and from which studios they came to The Initiative. The video on Yotube immediately gained several tens of thousands of views, and players around the world began to discuss what awaits the owners of the Xbox console exclusive from the new team The Initiative, the hints are very grandiose.

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The Initiative is a new gaming studio located near the beach in the sunny city of Santa Monica, California. According to the developers, their mission is to create an ambitious and innovative gaming experience that will appeal to the gaming audience. They claim to be passionate about craft, storytelling, and exciting things in games.

The Initiative was founded by Microsoft in 2018. This was announced as part of the E3 2018 gaming event. At the same time, Microsoft did not specify what project the created studio was working on. It is assumed that their first game will be released no earlier than 2021-2022. Accordingly, it will be adapted for a new generation of consoles.

At the moment, there are two main theories of what The Initiative is working on. One of them says that the game will be released under the Fable franchise, the other indicates that Microsoft plans to create a new IP with an extensive gaming world.

It is assumed that the announcement of the game from the new studio should be expected no earlier than 2020.

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