Опубликован список достижений Forza Horizon 4

Опубликован список достижений Forza Horizon 4

За месяц до релиза в сети появился список достижений гоночной аркады Forza Horizon 4. Будьте осторожны, некоторые из них содержат спойлеры.

Всего в игре на старте 55 ачивок, которые в сумме позволят заработать до 1000 очков Gamerscore. Познакомиться с полным списком вы можете в таблице ниже.

Welcome to BritainArrive at the Horizon Festival.10
Pride Before the FallQualify for Horizon Autumn.10
Snow ProblemQualify for Horizon Winter.10
Optional ExtrasApply your first Car Mastery.10
Spring Into ActionQualify for Horizon Spring.10
Welcome to a New HorizonQualify for the Horizon Roster.30
Jolly CooperationComplete 5 Horizon Life Co-op Races.20
Human After AllComplete 5 PvP Races.20
There’s No ‘I’ in TeamTake part in your first #FORZATHON Live Event.10
Teamwork Makes the Dream WorkComplete Round 3 of a #FORZATHON Live Event.20
Life of the PartyTake part in 20 #FORZATHON Live Events, completing at least Round 1 in each.30
Whatever Next?Complete every Showcase Event.20
Colossus of RoadsReach Round 10 in the Horizon Road Racing Series.20
MuddiedReach Round 10 in the Horizon Dirt Racing Series.20
Bouncy Bouncy, Having Such a Good Time!Reach Round 10 in the Horizon Cross Country Series.20
I Live My Life…Reach Round 10 in the Horizon Drag Racing Series.20
MoonlightingReach Round 10 of Street Scene.20
Horizon Fashion WeekUnlock 100 clothing items for your character.20
Official Horizon Board GameSmash all 200 Bonus Boards.20
I Feel the NeedReach Speed Trap Hero level 10.10
Apex PredatorReach Speed Zone Hero level 10.10
Pilot’s LicenseReach Danger Sign Hero level 10.10
«Do you know what ‘DK’ stands for?»Reach level 10 in The Drift Run.10
Auto BarnFind and restore your first Barn Find.10
Antique RestorerFind and restore 15 Barn Finds.20
Taking the Grand TourView every Beauty Spot.20
An Illustrious CareerFinish 40 different Horizon Story chapters.20
Star CenturionGet 100 stars in Horizon Stories.50
Week CompleteComplete a #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge.10
Crowning AchievementPurchase a castle.20
Special EditionGet your first Forza Edition Car from a Wheelspin.10
Test your MightComplete The Trial.20
First-Time AdventurerComplete your first Team Adventure.10
The Spirit of AdventureReach level 5 in Racing Team Adventure, Games Team Adventure, or Anything Goes Team Adventure.20
Certified AdventurerQualify for a League in Ranked Team Adventure.20
Well SeasonedComplete a Season Championship and receive a reward.10
OverachieverComplete a Season PR Stunt and receive a reward.10
Purple Split!In Rivals, beat a Rival without receiving a «dirty time» penalty.10
Hit the JackpotSpin your first Super Wheelspin.10
Stunt SuperheroGet 3 stars on every PR Stunt.50
First LoveBuy your first car from the Autoshow.10
Go the DistanceWin a race at The Colossus, The Gauntlet, The Titan or The Marathon.20
The Noisy CartographerDrive down every road in Britain.20
At One with the CarApply every Car Mastery available for a single car.10
Master of ManyApply 50 Car Masteries.20
Accomplished DriverReach Level 20.10
Horizon SuperstarGain Superstar Status by reaching Level 200.50
Reaping the RewardsComplete a race of 3 or more laps at The Goliath in a Forza Edition Car.20
Tortoise and the HareComplete a PvP Showdown Race in an X class and a D class car.20
Hatch Me If You CanComplete the Festival Drag Strip in a Hot Hatch in under 25 seconds.20
Record BreakerGet 258mph on a Speed Trap in the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.20
Ground ForceGet 3 stars at a Danger Sign in a vehicle from the Trucks Car Type.20
Coronation Trickin’Bank a Skill Chain of 195,300 or more points.20
Never Tell Me the OddsWin a race in the Peel P50.20
Tame the MonsterComplete a race in an S1 class Rally Monster.20

Forza Horizon 4 выйдет 2 октября на Xbox One и PC, а покупатели издания Ultimate Edition получат ранний доступ в игру и смогут прокатиться по виртуальной Англии 28 сентября.

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